Andy’s Restaurant

The grand opening of Andy’s very own Texas Roadhouse location in Logan, UT on September 21, 2009 has certainly been a milestone for Roadies from coast to coast. This restaurant will be ensuring the future of Andy’s Outreach for many years to come and will create the legacy that is a true display of the Legendary Culture that we all share at Texas Roadhouse.

The greatest thing about our Logan, UT location is that all operational proceeds from this very special location will be funneled directly back into Andy’s Outreach and these funds will be used to help Texas Roadhouse family members like never before.

When our guests dine at Texas Roadhouse in Logan they will be getting much more than just Hand-Cut Steaks and Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs, they will also be helping to change a life. The Logan Texas Roadhouse is unlike any other restaurant in the country. 95% of the profits of the restaurant will be given to Andy’s Outreach and will help Texas Roadhouse employees in their time of need.

We would like to thank all the people that have dedicated countless hours, resources, and donations to support this amazing effort. Andy’s Outreach has a very touching mission, to aid fellow Texas Roadhouse Roadies during times of crisis and special needs. To date, Andy’s has helped more than 3400 employees granting more than $5.3 million to help them through very difficult times. The stories are truly amazing and we look forward to continuing this legacy together.

Our stores across the country are doing a tremendous job supporting Andy’s Outreach and we continue to appreciate your generous giving. Let’s help continue the growth of our Andy’s Outreach Fund together and support its continuing mission.

Thank you for making a difference!