How It Began

Depending on how long you have been in our family, you might remember when there was no Andy’s Outreach Fund. You may remember emails from Dee Shaughnessy sharing heartbreaking stories of our Roadies in need. The old fashioned hat passing went electronic, and she raised money for those people she knew we had to somehow help.

Dee always had a dream. Her love for the employees of Texas Roadhouse and our franchisees was strong, so she began talking to Kent in 2002 about starting a fund to give hope and comfort to our Roadies. Kent responded immediately with the first donation in July 2002 for $10,000.

GJ Hart was moved by a Shively Kentucky employee’s loss of life and he, too, wanted to help. The campaign began by allowing Roadies to donate as little as 50 cents per paycheck. It began to grow, and the response from our generous family and partners has helped thousands of Roadies during difficult times.

Support Center departments raise money for Andy’s utilizing fundraisers such as cook outs and bake sales. Individual restaurants also hold fundraisers such as car washes. More funds are raised at the annual Managing Partner Conference by selling t-shirts and through the fabulous silent auctions. In 2009, we opened a restaurant in Logan, Utah, where 95% of the profits go to Andy’s Outreach Fund.

We love that Andy’s is for our Roadies and funded by the people who love our company. It’s a symbol of our heart and our commitment to our people. Taking care of our Roadies is part of the Texas Roadhouse magic; its one piece of the recipe that adds strength, pride and integrity to our company and everyone in it.

Since inception, Andy’s has given over $5.3 million to help in recoveries from hardships, the loss of loved ones, car accidents, fires, floods, hurricanes, major illnesses and much more. We can’t remove the pain, but we can ease a little of the stress and prove we mean what we say – that we love the people in our Texas Roadhouse family.

What started from Dee’s heart has become a movement, our pride and our legacy. It can be your legacy, too, as we spread our care and concern, our love.